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Navigating The Evolving Digital Marketing Job Market

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It used to be that one could apply for and land a job as website administrator and only be involved with dealing having to do with the website.

These days one must be versatile and open to learning different aspects of marketing as websites are often used for marketing a product, person, brand or service. There are now so many features and services that go into marketing websites that one must keep abreast of the ever changing digital marketing landscape or otherwise be left behind. Companies simply aren’t hiring strictly for website manager, or SEO , or a PPC administrator.  You have to know how to do keyword research, analyze data, setup websites, curate content, coordinate design, plan the marketing, navigate through Google suite of products and so many other things.

Companies  are hiring individuals that that can bee all of those things so if the opportunity at your current job arises where you can learn all of these then seize the moment.

I had to and I am grateful that I did.